Meet   Katlin

Your new beauty BFF.

Bridal beauty guide.

Hair and makeup artist.

From a very young age, Katlin fell in love with makeup. She was a dancer and competitive cheerleader her entire childhood and even entered into a few state pageants. If you are familiar with stage makeup in the late 90's early 2000's at all...  bright, clown like blush and a bright red lip was the look! Thankfully Katlin's mom was a Mary Kay lover. She had quality makeup and had somewhat of an idea of what looked pretty and not too clown like! 


As Katlin got older she would practice her makeup skills before and after school. She thought if she was going to wear makeup, she was going to do it right! She even remembers a time telling her cheer coach she was "allergic" to blush because she didn't want to look like a clown in front of the entire school. From then on, Katlin was the go to girl for anything hair and makeup for all school dances, football and basketball games, and school fashion shows. 

Katlin and her husband, Austin met at Oregon State University back in 2011. Katlin was on the cheer team and during practice one day Austin decided to join as a walk on. Their first time meeting each other kind of went like this. Hi, I'm Katlin. Hi, I'm Austin. Let's stunt! Within minutes Austin was literally throwing her up in the air and catching her. To say she trusted him with her life from the very beginning couldn't be anymore accurate. It was love at first sight and they were married in less than a year! 


Katlin was studying chemistry during her first year attending OSU. She loves the science behind how things work and how they are made up at a molecular level. Her dream was to work in a forensic analysis lab. Quickly, she decided "school" was not necessarily her jam and enrolled into the local cosmetology school to fulfill her long time love and passion - hair and makeup. 


After graduating cosmetology school she was an employee at a well known, high end salon in Corvallis. Her time there was full of continuing her education in color theory, hair design, makeup application and business. With trends and techniques rapidly evolving, it was crucial for her to learn from the best in the industry. This ensured her clients would receive a luxury service with consistent results.


Katlin attended a class hosted by celebrity makeup artist, Lipstick Nick and THIS was when her career had a major turning point. It took some time but eventually Katlin decided to go out on her own to become an independent stylist. This decision was to not only grow as a hairstylist but as a freelance makeup artist with a focus on bridal.


Katlin's mission is for her future brides to be at rest knowing they are in great hands and will not need to stress over if they will look like a completely different person walking down the aisle. She will listen and execute to cater to each individual wedding style while she is best known for clean, romantic, natural glam looks.


You can count on her respond quickly to texts or emails, to never be late, and have all of the tools required to create your dream wedding hair and makeup. She will even point you in the right direction for other vendors she has enjoyed working with, and other beauty professionals for facials, teeth whitening, lashes, tanning and more.

Katlin had the honor of accepting Wedding Wire's 2021 Couples Choice Award for excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism within the wedding industry. 

She cannot wait to meet you and help your dream wedding look come to life! 

When not working behind the chair or onsite at wedding venues, you will find Katlin and her family fishing, swimming or kayaking at the lake. Up in the mountains at a family cabin. Or working on home projects with her husband. 

A few random facts about Katlin:

She is barely 5' tall

She love lifting weights at a local gym

When she is not woking on her businesses she is catching up on her favorite true crime, and documentary shows. Listening to a podcast or dancing and singing around the house with Austin and her two daughters

She loves to coffee, wine, margaritas, and Two Towns cider

She loves to cook but her favorite foods are salmon, brussel sprouts, a good cheeseburger (don't forget the side of ranch), and good ole' Kraft Mac and Cheese!

Now that you know a little more about Katlin, feel free to reserve a 15-30 minute video or phone call to discuss your vision for your wedding hair and makeup and get that much closer to checking one less thing off your to do list!

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